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With Picasso you can create beautiful drawings or edit your photos.

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Vivaldi (beta)

Easy-to-use online music studio to create songs or play with instruments.

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Galilei (beta)

Online 3D Editor to build 3D models and scenes. Script support coming soon.

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Many unique features like symmetry and gravity tools. Requires Adobe Flash.

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Impact Program

Join us in making a powerful impact worldwide through enabling high quality education for all.


Anni Harjunpää

Miss Finland

Anni Harjunpää, Miss Finland 2019, started working as Innoschool ambassador. She will be competing in Miss Universe final in December 2019 promoting Innoschool Impact program and showing off a unique fantasy dress inspired by the "Forest Fascination" project by a group of 3-6 year old children.


Dana Mononen

Impact Program

Dana Mononen, representing Finland in Miss World 2019 final, joined Innoschool as an ambassador. Dana has an international background and has experienced the conditions in the developing countries first hand. She has decided to raise awareness of Innoschool Impact Program and make a difference.

Latest News

Picasso, Vivaldi and Galilei creative apps launched on 22.11.2019

Our online creative apps: Picasso, Vivaldi and Galilei launched at Slush event in Helsinki on 22st of November.

Collaboration with Miss Finland organisation announced on 18.11.2019

Anni Harjunpää and Dana Mononen joins Innoschool as an ambassador for the impact program


We are a team of experts in digital turnkey solutions for schools.

Leonardo Code is about recognizing that there is a much richer concept of intelligence and ability available to us than is promoted by conventional education. We work with great clients who largely come to us via referral. We take pride in what we do and over the past years have been working hard to combine the most Advanced neurosciences, the integrated learning sciences and evidence based pedagogical approaches in Leonardo Code, contributing to the success of our clients. We focus on delivering superior learning outcomes leveraging digital technologies and AI in meaningful and productive ways.


Kaius Meskanen

Founder & CEO

"My background in digital platforms and I’m founder of Choicely voting & fan engagement platform. I’m working on Innoschool to reach my long term goal: to make a major positive impact by enabling state-of-the-art education for all children. This way they can regain control of their own lives and enjoy a better life of opportunities."


Lauri Koutaniemi

Founder & CTO

"I joined Innoschool as CTO because I believe in the company, team and the long term goals that we have set together. As CTO I’m making sure that Innoschool technology scales, is fast to use and works on all devices. I have 20 years of experience in learning platforms, mobile games and creative tools like Sumo Paint. I believe in Innoschool and want to make it a great success." - Read more: www.koutaniemi.com


Tuuli Tiitola-Meskanen

Founder & Head of R&D

"I'm working for Innoschool to enable all children to think creatively, reason critically and work collaboratively. I'm also head of our R&D project 'Leonardo's Children' -which has evolved from evidence based analog to progressive digital to new AI pedagogy. I'm a co-founder of ARKKI School of Architecture for Children and Youth delivering creativity education in 10+ countries." - Read more: www.arkki.net

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